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Why Am I Still Getting Calls?

This fact sheet explains why you may still be getting telemarketing calls even though you registered with the Federal Trade Commission's Do-Not-Call list:

It takes time after registration to get the full effect of your registration.

  • The regulation requires that telemarketers search the FTC/FCC registry at least once every three months, deleting the names registered there. So you should allow a time lag of up to three months from the time of registration for all marketers to have removed your name from their telemarketing prospect lists.
  • As of January 1, 2005, telemarketers will be required to use the list every 31 days.

  • The call is from a political organization.

  • Political organizations are exempt from this rule and do not have to screen their lists against the FTC/FCC Do Not Call registry.

  • The call is from a charity.

  • Charities, calling on their own behalf, are not required to delete the names on the registry. Note, however, that a for-profit telemarketer calling on behalf of a charitable organization must honor your request to be on its own internal do not call list.

  • The call is not an "inducement to buy."

  • Survey companies can call you to do an honest survey. However if the call starts with a survey, and ends with a sales pitch, they must use the registry.
  • Similarly a customer service call is just that. Contacting you to say your delivery is in or your bill is due is always fair.

  • You are an existing customer.

  • If you bought something--or made your last payment for something--or if you had something delivered to you within the last 18 months of the marketer calling, you are considered an existing customer. The company you have an existing business relationship with can contact you even if you are registered on the do not call list--unless or until you withdraw your request.

  • You inquired about the company‚Äôs services within the last three months.

  • If you called a company to inquire about its products or services within the last three months, the company can contact you with new information about its products even if you are on the registry, unless you ask them not to call.

  • You gave this company written permission to call you.

  • If you gave your written consent to a company to call you, they may continue unless you withdraw your consent.

  • If you are registered on the national Do Not Call list and you are still getting calls from major national marketers, you can contact:

  • Federal Trade Commission at or
  • Federal Communications Commission at
    (e-mail:, 1-888-225-5322

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