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Parenting In The Digital Age

As a parent, you are concerned about the right and wrong things to do for your children in this new electronic environment. Its certainly not the world in which your parents grew up. The DMA has collected some information and suggestions to help you navigate this digital world.

A Family Tour Of The Internet: Online Basics, Behavior and Privacy
You're concerned about your kids on the Internet - and so are we. The Internet can be a great resource - if you and your children know how to use it. We take you through some of the do's and dont's of Internet surfing from a parent's perspective.

Get Cybersavvy!
Get CyberSavvy! is an educational program, created by the DMA as a public service to help parents, children, educators and librarians understand and enjoy cyberspace.

The DMA's Guide to Internet Filtering Software
What sort of safety software is currently available to ensure that your children only enter sites you approve of? Lots.


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