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Getting off commercial E-mail lists

Use the registration form below to register with the e-MPS. There is no fee for this service.

DMA members who wish to send unsolicited commercial e-mail must purge their e-mail prospecting lists of the individuals who have registered their e-mail address with e-MPS.

Although registration with e-MPS will help reduce the number of e-mails you receive, it will not stop all commercial e-mails. You may continue to receive e-mails from groups or advertisers who do not use e-MPS to clean their lists. E-mail of a business-to-business nature received at your place of employment is also not affected through registration with e-MPS.

The DMA does not provide marketers with consumer e-mail lists. The E-mail Preference Service is available to companies for the sole purpose of removing your e-mail address from their e-mail lists.

Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required

Enter up to 3 e-mail addresses for inclusion in the "opt-out" file. One is required:


Important. Please review the information above prior to submitting your registration. Any errors in your information may reduce the effectiveness of the e-MPS service.

To confirm your submission, we will send an e-mail to each e-mail address you have submitted. You must reply to each e-mail within thirty days to complete your registration. If you do not, the addresses will be deleted from the file. You must register your e-mail address with e-MPS directly; third party requests cannot be processed.

You will also receive an e-mail when your two year subscription expires. The e-mail will contain a link that will allow you to subscribe for an additional two years.


Additional Information About e-MPS

A company told me it got my name from The DMA, and I should call you to get my name taken off its list.

The DMA doesn't have lists or give e-mail addresses to any marketing company except to remove the e-mail addresses of consumers who want less mail. DMA cannot take your name off XYZ Company's list -- only that company can. Ask the XYZ Company to place your name on the company's in-house suppress file so that it will not send any further e-mail to you. Some unscrupulous companies have also illegally listed the e-Mail Preference Service Web site as a way to unsubscribe from their mailings, even though they do not use the service to clean their lists.

Why do I get e-mails that list this Web site to opt-out?

E-mail marketers who use The DMA's e-mail opt-out address in their marketing message must be a subscriber to The DMA's E-mail Preference Service AND first obtain permission from The DMA. The DMA does NOT send e-mails with this opt-out address or e-mails to consumers.

To use The DMA's e-mail opt out address the marketing message MUST follow this format:

"The Direct Marketing Association did not send this e-mail to you. The sender of this e-mail, [Company Name], warrants that it subscribes to The Direct Marketing Association's e-Mail Preference Service and adheres to the policies and restrictions of that service. Consumers who have requested through The DMA consumer opt-out service [And Others] not to receive unsolicited commercial e-mails are removed from this company's contact lists under this agreement. Consumers who wish to add their names to The DMA opt-out service can do so at [Company Name] can be contacted directly at [Legitimate Company E-mail Address]."

According to DMA guidelines an unsolicited e-mail message should have two opt-out options:

  1. Consumers may choose to opt-out of receiving e-mail from a specific marketer.
  2. Consumers may opt-out of having their e-mail address rented or shared with other marketers.


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