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Getting off telephone call lists/Telephone Preference Service

Federal Trade Commission's Do-Not-Call Registry

Telephone marketers and their service providers must honor the requests of consumers who have placed their telephone numbers on the Federal Trade Commission's national Do-Not-Call (DNC) registry. There may be a number of reasons why you still might be getting calls even if you've placed your telephone number on this registry. For more information, please review our fact sheet at:

The DMA's Telephone Preference Service (TPS)

To receive fewer unsolicited telemarketing calls, you can register for The DMA's Telephone Preference Service (TPS), which allows you to "opt out" of national telemarketing lists. See below for more information about TPS.

Please note, The DMA does not provide marketers with consumer telephone lists or telemarket to consumers. Rather, the Telephone Preference Service is available to companies for the sole purpose of removing your telephone number from their telemarketing lists. This service does not apply to telemarketing at your business number.

The registration form below will allow you to significantly reduce the amount of unsolicited telemarketing calls you receive at home. You may register with TPS by filling out this form, then clicking on the submit button. For more details, read "How to register for TPS" below.

What are the expected results?

When you register with TPS, your name, address, and telephone number are placed on a "do-not-call" file. All DMA members are required to run their telemarketing list of prospective customers against the TPS file, to remove the individuals who have registered with TPS from their calling lists. The service is also available to non-members of the DMA, so that all marketers may take advantage of this service to eliminate the names of those who wish to receive fewer unsolicited telephone calls.

This "do not call" file is updated monthly and distributed four times a year -- January, April, July, and October (some companies receive it monthly). Your name remains on the file for five years. Typically you will see the amount of telemarketing calls you receive begin to decrease approximately three months after your name is entered onto the quarterly file. You are likely to see the impact of TPS faster if you register online than if you mail in your registration. Also, if you change your telephone number, you must register your new number with TPS to have it affect your new telephone number.

Although registration with TPS will help to reduce the amount of unsolicited telemarketing calls that you receive, it will not stop them all. You may continue to receive telemarketing calls from companies with which you already do business and from non-DMA organizations which do not use TPS. In addition, you may continue to receive calls from local merchants, professional and alumni associations, political candidates, and office holders.

How to register for TPS

We have 3 ways to register for TPS -- postcard or letter mail-in option, online mail-in option and online. Consumers must register with TPS directly; second-party requests and bulk requests cannot be processed. For the integrity of the TPS file, we need to verify that the person making the request is actually who they say they are. If done in writing, this is accomplished by receiving the consumer's signature. Over the Internet, the credit card allows us to authenticate the person making the request, and a nominal fee is charged for faster service.

1) Postcard or Letter Mail-in Option (Free):
There is no charge for registering by mail. However, registering by mail may delay for a month or so inclusion in the TPS file because this requires time to manually add this data to the service. Please send a postcard or letter that includes your name, home address, home telephone number (with area code) and signature to us at:

Telephone Preference Service
Direct Marketing Association
PO Box 1559
Carmel, NY 15012-1559

2) Online Mail-in Option (Free):
Again, there is no charge for registering by mail. However, it is not as fast as the "Complete Online Option" (below). Please complete the form below. When you have finished entering your information select the "Register by Mail" button which will generate a unique tracking number to speed the processing of your request. Please print out the completed form and mail it to us at:
Telephone Preference Service
Attn: Dept. 11813482
Direct Marketing Association
PO Box 282
Carmel, NY 10512

3) Complete Online Option ($5 Charge): There is a nominal $5 authentication fee for registering with the TPS service online for five years' service. You will need a valid credit card to register online. We use secure payment transaction processing to protect your card information. This is the fastest way to begin to see the impact of fewer unsolicited telemarketing calls as a result of the TPS program. To register online, please complete the form below and select the "Register Online" button.

Fields marked with an asterisk(*) are required

First Name*: 
Middle Name:
Last Name*: 
Zip/Postal Code*: 
Enter up to 2 phone numbers for inclusion in the do-not-call file; one is required:

Important. Please review the information above prior to submitting your registration. Any errors in your information may reduce the effectiveness of the TPS service.


Additional Information Regarding TPS

Does registration with TPS mean an end to all advertising calls?

Calls of a business-to-business nature received at your place of employment are also not affected through registration with TPS. Business names, addresses and telephone numbers are not accepted for registration on TPS, and companies that market to other companies do not use this consumer-oriented do-not-call file.

Note: Registration with TPS will not affect sequentially dialed automated recorded message (computerized) calls. If you receive a computerized call from a company you do not wish to hear from again, listen to the automated message to obtain the telemarketer's name and address or phone number. Then, contact the company directly and ask to be placed on the company's do-not-call list.

Can I register my FAX number with TPS?

No. FAX numbers are not included on TPS.

It is against the Telephone Consumer Protection Act to send an unsolicited FAX to anyone. You may wish to report companies sending unsolicited FAXes to the Federal Communications Commission.

If you prefer not to receive FAXes from a company or person with whom you have an already established business relationship, advise that person or company directly so that it may take steps to comply with your request and adhere to the law.


Can I request deletion from specific lists through TPS?

No. Name removal through TPS is general in nature. You may reduce the number of telephone marketing calls you receive from a specific company by asking the company to place your name and telephone number on the company's do-not-call list the next time the company calls you.

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