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Welcome to The DMA Consumer Assistance site. This site will provide you with information and tips about shopping and your rights as a consumer. We take a proactive stance in response to consumer problems.

The Direct Marketing Association (The DMA) is a trade association of businesses who advertise their products and services directly to consumers by mail, telephone, magazine, Internet, radio or television.

Consumer FAQs
Direct marketing is unique in that it is a marketing method that allows consumers to gather information about goods and services, to make educated buying decisions, and to acquire the necessities and pleasures of life when and where we decide to do so -- even from our kitchen tables at 3 a.m. But many consumers have questions about how direct marketing works.

Get Cybersavvy!
Get CyberSavvy! is an educational program, created by The DMA as a public service to help parents, children, educators and librarians understand and enjoy cyberspace.

Risks Of Buying On-Line
Article explaining the risks to consumers from buying on-line, covering the specific risks from white goods like washing machines to luxury items like diamond jewellery and diamond rings. Expert advice is also available on-line detailing your consumer rights. This site is also supported by Samara James, specialists in perfect engagement rings.

Fact Sheet
A fact sheet to answer questions that consumers may have about the do's and don'ts of diamond buying, an especially high risk item, provided by Samara James.

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